7 Top Seller Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House

July 25, 2017 7:31 pm 7 Top Seller Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your House
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Not Being Flexible For Showings

We know its a hassle, but its a necessity when selling your home. Buyers and their representatives want to view the property before making an offer, sometimes more than once, often they want to do so as soon as possible, and also when its convenient to them. While we understand the inconvenience and disruption frequent showings can cause, it is an essential part of the process. The more buyers that can view the home, the better. We promise it will all be over soon!

Not Cleaning Your Home

You would think it would be obvious to all sellers, yet time and time again we stumble across homes that are not in the condition to be shown to buyers. A cleaning service is a small expense when considering the stakes of the transaction. If you’ve been lax on keeping your home in top shape, now is the time to change that. Our agents are happy to recommend professional cleaning and landscaping as well as other professional services to help sell your home for the highest value possible.

Not Making The Minor Upgrades That Yield Big Results

Those old towels and bath mats might be perfectly fine for everyday use, but a minor splurge for some updated accessories can do wonders the appearance of the room, especially in smaller living-areas like half baths, foyers and laundry rooms. And while you are it, you may want to pickup some new outlet covers for good measure. These small and relatively inexpensive updates can yield outsize results.

Trying To Be The Tour Guide

Let the buyer’s agent guide them through your home. They’ve likely already established a level of trust with one another, and the potential buyers will be more receptive to their agents selling points than yours. This is your time to sit back and relax. Anything more than a simple greeting when they first arrive is too much.

Picking An Unqualified Agent

Your real estate agent when selling your home is just as vital, if not more so, than when purchasing a home. The listing agent is responsible for driving interest in a property, representing the property during open houses, maintaining print and digital marketing materials, and so much more. Choosing an agent that is unfamiliar to the area or behind on the latest real estate trends can slowdown and oftentimes derail the entire process of selling your home. May we suggest one of our agents to help?

Not Willing To Negotiate With Buyers

There are a million-and-one horror stories of stubborn parties (on either side of the transaction) that turn a stressful situation into an all out nightmare. Having the right frame of mind when approaching the negotiation will save you a lot of stress. While we would never advocate sellers to act against their best interests, it is essential to be open to consider reasonable requests from the buyer will ensure. A seller that refuses to give an inch an spell trouble even in the hottest of seller markets.

Overpricing Your Home

This is by far the number one cause of contention between listing agents and sellers. Even in the hottest of real estate markets, an overpriced property can struggle to attract the necessary attention to get the most value. Not to mention that overpriced properties tend to sit longer on the market, creating the appearance that there must be something wrong with the property, rather than building interest it can scare some buyers away. It is essential to price your home in the range that the property commands, going above and beyond comparable properties in your area is an easy way to scare buyers off before they even consider your home. This is especially true for buyers using a mortgage company to purchase the home. They likely know how much they are approved for even before they begin their home search, pricing your home out of their reach limits the number of potential buyers that can even consider purchasing your home. Always consult with your agent on comparable home prices for your region.

Our agents would be happy to help you evaluate your home’s worth if you are considering selling your home. Contact us to get started!